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Top 6 Cloud Backup Challenges In Healthcare & How To Overcome Them

The migration to Electronic Medical Records was supposed to make life easier for medical practices, but in many cases it’s done just the opposite. Now, practices are forced to find ways to address the unintended consequences.

For those who have first-hand experience, the challenges are familiar: legacy hardware and software systems never designed to handle large volumes of data; lengthy and unreliable backup and recovery; and questions about HIPAA compliance, to name a few.

Fortunately, there are solutions that can help solve these challenges seamlessly. For example, the cloud storage services provided by eTegrity Systems International are comprehensive and HIPAA compliant, among other benefits.

This white paper examines the challenges faced by small and mid-sized healthcare providers and explains how the eTegrity solution helps solve them.

CHALLENGE #1: Exponential Data Growth
One of the primary concerns when implementing new IT systems and methods is ensuring that the system can grow with the company.

Often, with small to mid-sized operations, the growth or expansion of the company can present challenges to the IT department that result in ad hoc systems being reworked to fit the company’s new needs. Those needs often end up outpacing the capacity of these systems, resulting in the need to implement a new system.

This is often time consuming and can result in a disruption to patient care during the transitional phase of implementation. It behooves companies to embrace systems and methods that are capable of growing with the company and have little to no disruption throughout the growth process.

Download this white paper below to explore the other 5 challeneges and how to overcome them.

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