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04.16.19 -- Top 5 Issues To Consider Before Customizing Technology

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Delivering On The Promise Of AI: Real-Life Benefits For Content Management
Guest Column | By David Jones, Nuxeo

Machine learning, natural language processing, and other AI-based technologies are already helping companies by automating the classification of files and simplifying the way employees engage with content. But the real promise of AI goes beyond just helping organizations classify content during the capture or ingestion process — it lies somewhere in the “digital landfill” that exists within modern organizations.

BV Dairy Unleashes Growth With ERP Upgrade
Case Study | Epicor/DocStar

BV Dairy is committed to ongoing annual growth of at least 10 percent, and they’re keen to secure new market share and explore new product ideas. To continue their growth journey and to help their team meet these targets, the company wanted to expand their use of their ERP solution.

Top 5 Issues To Consider Before Customizing Technology
Guest Column | Kristen McAlister, Cerius Executives

Customization used to be a bad word to many business owners. It was viewed as encumbering higher costs and dependent on complex IT infrastructure. However, with the availability of more outsourced technology resources and the increased drive for innovation and marketplace gains, customization is becoming a more common business practice.

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