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05.02.17 -- Top 5 Issues To Consider Before Customizing Technology


Declining check volumes and ever-increasing customer demands for remittance data capture have made succeeding in the lockbox processing business harder than ever. But INTRUST Bank has reduced its costs, enhanced its customer service, and positioned itself for future success with intelligent data capture software and hardware from ibml. Read more.

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How Government Agencies Are Streamlining Digital Transformation
By A2iA Corporation

Throughout all industries, self-service automation has become key to driving next-generation workflows and to saving money. The same holds true for government agencies, who, in the early stages of modernizing business processes, tended to look only at reducing costs. As their strategy and implementation developed, the digital transformation process included a move toward improving user engagement and experiences.

Double-Digit Productivity Improvements

Naviant boosts productivity on its document conversion jobs by as much as 87 percent with a document scanning workstation.

Top 5 Issues To Consider Before Customizing Technology
By Kristen McAlister, President, Cerius Executives

Customization used to be a bad word to many business owners. It was viewed as encumbering higher costs and dependent on complex IT infrastructure. However, with the availability of more outsourced technology resources and the increased drive for innovation and marketplace gains, customization is becoming a more common business practice.

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A2iA TextReader

A2iA TextReader features a new and innovative technology, allowing for a simple and new approach to full text transcription. Its state-of-the-art recognition toolkits have been designed with specific goals in mind — to help businesses access more data, extract more actionable intelligence, and produce more profitable returns from their document conversion and information automation processes.

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