Newsletter | April 11, 2017

04.11.17 -- The Better Way To Process Claims With X-Rays


Falcon allows operators to prep and scan documents faster than traditionally separate "prep then scan" processes, which significantly reduces labor costs. Minimizing prep, paper handling, and other manual tasks not only improves efficiency, but also results in superior document integrity. Documents are handled once and converted to digital images. See FalconV in action.

Featured Articles
Streamline RCM To Improve Efficiency, Financial Outcomes
By A2iA Corporation

Many healthcare organizations are advancing beyond the implementation of EHRs and are now faced with new challenges: how to improve the health information exchange and to enhance the overall financial performance of the care facility. It has become imperative that providers, payers, and patients have expedited accessibility to health information.

In-House Scanners Underpin Information Management Solutions
By Kodak Alaris

After one service bureau replaced its scanners for in-house use – and as capture devices for client solutions – with one that was more durable, faster, and required less human intervention, it saw boosts in productivity and image quality.

The Better Way To Process Claims With X-Rays
By OPEX Corporation

Do you process dental or medical claim forms? If so, then you know how complex and time-consuming the process can be to prepare each claim for scanning. However, before you even think about scanning, you must consider the necessary evil of document prep. This usually includes the tedious task of manually sorting all incoming documents into neat piles of single and multiple page claims.

Featured Product
OPEX Falcon Document Scanning Workstation

Falcon combines OPEX's innovative one-step drop feed scanning with the performance of a high-capacity production scanner, providing the only universal document scanning workstation on the market. Regardless of your document scanning needs, Falcon is designed to attack the most difficult and daunting workflow challenges.

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