Tamper Evident Pharmaceutical Checkweigher

Tamper Evident Pharmaceutical Checkweigher

A high quality advanced pharmaceutical inspection solution integrating four processes in one compact system: the XS2 MV TE checkweigher and marking system combines ink jet printing and vision verification with highly accurate in-motion weighing and tamper evident sealing to ensure global traceability and assist fraud protection for highest process safety in pharmaceutical industry.

The product codes printed on the collapsible boxes are verified for accuracy and legibility and serve as a key for legally required quality certificates. Products up to 300 g are weighed with highest accuracy at maximum throughput.

Process safety is increased thanks to the new full enclosure with electric locks preventing access during production runs; nonetheless access to all areas is easy once the cover has been lifted. Inside deflectors and bottom plate contribute to easier and faster production line clearing.

Separate rejecting devices and catch bins collect "no read" and "off weight" products as well as askew packages.

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