White Paper

Streamlining Access To Critical Healthcare Operations

Source: A2iA Corporation
Critical Healthcare Operations

The healthcare industry’s ability to streamline meaningful use and Health Information Exchange (HIE) efforts are largely based on the level of interoperability between management systems. Organizations have long been tasked with improving the accessibility of data throughout complex multi-channel workflows without sacrificing security, accuracy, time or budgets. With this natural progression of the industry’s efforts, Intelligent Capture has provided a critical bridge in accessing data held within paper medical documentation and making it available within the daily digital workflow, easing interoperability efforts and helping to facilitate an electronic industry.

With the growing use of electronic reporting and management systems, the need to lift accurate and complete data from paper documentation is more important than ever. The implementation of these systems, such as electronic health records (EHR), vary depending on the medical field of specialty; some fields are seeing a 78% full EHR usage rate, while others are seeing nearly one- third of their providers who rely entirely on paper. On an organizational level, the revenue cycle management (RCM) process is still largely handled by manual tasks because of the complexity of information found within clinical documentation required to code, trickling down through the entire claims process, proving Intelligent Capture has yet to reach its full potential within the healthcare industry.

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