Storm, Sewer and Flood Modeling


Create and simulate using a digital twin of your network.


Innovyze’s Storm, Sewer, and Flood Modeling Solutions Empower You to:

  • Conduct advanced urban hydrologic and hydraulic assessments
  • Build fully integrated 1D/2D models, or specify 1D only to meet the needs of your project
  • Integrate live modeling for real-time data and forecast visualizations
  • Work from existing GIS or model data sets to save time
  • Collaborate across workgroup environments for team or consultant involvement on models
  • Perform thorough pollutant analysis and evaluate the effectiveness of green infrastructure

InfoWorks ICM and InfoWorks ICM SE
InfoWorks ICM is an advanced integrated catchment modeling software. You can model complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly, accurately, and collaboratively. InfoWorks ICM helps you plan for capacity improvements, system expansions, and emergency scenarios.

ICMLive is a live modeling tool that integrates with hydraulic models, SCADA historians, and weather forecast databases. It provides a near-real-time view of network performance and alerts your team to adverse events.

For creating hydrologic and hydraulic models for analysis and design. FEMA approved 1D/2D dynamic modeling of stormwater systems, sanitary sewer or combined sewer systems.

ArcGIS-centric tools for engineers and watershed managers to model stormwater, sanitary sewer and combined sewer systems.

ArcGIS-centric 1D modeling for capacity analysis and planning of gravity sewer systems.

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