White Paper

Size Does Matter: Small Businesses And Cybersecurity

VAR consultant advisor

Small businesses are part of the UK’s economic lifeblood. SMBs account for at least 99.5% of businesses in every main industry sector and we need to support and protect them in this challenging climate. Technology is key to helping small businesses grow, reach new customers and thrive. But digital technologies can present challenges and difficulties for any business, the top one is cybersecurity issues.

It’s common for smaller businesses to think they’re too small to be targeted, but this research from Webroot shows that’s simply not the case. Smaller businesses have been and will continue to be targeted by cybercriminals. This puts not only their customers and contracts at risk, but ultimately the future of the business.

However, it’s clear there needs to be a balance. It’s concerning that smaller businesses have had to deprioritise activities that would help their business grow to address security issues. Educating small businesses on cybersecurity and helping them get the right support to address challenges is crucial. Small businesses are in the unique position to act quickly and be more flexible than their larger counterparts. This report is a great education tool providing tangible guidance and advice to UK small businesses to help them use their size as an advantage when it comes to cybersecurity.