ServiceMax Reporting & Service Performance Metrics

Boost service revenue and profitability by gaining insight into your KPIs.

Ever heard the Peter Drucker adage, “what gets measured, gets managed”? It’s never been more truthful. You simply can’t run a successful field service organization today on “gut feel” – you need data. You must understand and closely track the key performance metrics (KPIs) to illuminate strengths and weaknesses in your business. In fact, Aberdeen Group notes that Best-in-Class organizations are 67% more likely than peers to consistently measure and benchmark their service performance . A modern field service solution, like ServiceMax, gives you access to actionable data and insights that can be used to identify potential problems before they stunt your growth, increase costs or lead to customer dissatisfaction. With the right data in hand, your organization will be able to:

  • Provide executives with the quantitative business impact of your field service efforts
  • Make informed process decisions that keep customers happy and revenues flowing
  • Immediately understand and balance the impact that changes in policy or process have on your service metrics, and much more.