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Scan And Capture Technology Is Not Immune To Data Breaches

Source: ibml
Scan And Capture Technology Is Not Immune To Data Breaches

A Q&A with Joseph Pizzitola, VP of Information Technology and Security for ibml

Headlines about security breaches are commonplace. A company is hacked by someone and exposes sensitive information. Other times an employee accidentally leaves a laptop or thumb drive out in public. Regardless of the circumstance, companies that use scan and capture technology must be aware of how liable they are for data breach issues and must implement security features to protect their data.

Joseph Pizzitola, vice president of information technology and security at Imaging Business Machines, LLC, (ibml) provides insights surrounding security issues related to data that is stored in scan and capture technology.

Why have data leaks become so common?

Pizzitola: More devices are being connected to networks and more in- formation is stored in an electronic form resulting in having to defend a larger attack surface with limited resources. Information security is also very hard to do correctly since you’ve got to be right every time and attackers only have to be right once.

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