News | January 23, 2008

RP Solutions Integrates A2iA CheckReader Into Check Processing Software

Source: A2iA Corporation
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A2iA Corporation

A2iA Corp., a leading provider of tools for document analysis and handwritten data extraction, announced recently that its comprehensive check-processing toolkit, A2iA CheckReader, has been integrated into RP Solutions' applications, expanding the capabilities of ExpertRPS for remittance processing, and ExpertCHK for check and deposit processing by banks and credit unions. A2iA CheckReader is a set of advanced image analysis and intelligent recognition engines that enables software applications to capture handwritten and machine printed information from all areas of checks, and capture handwritten or machine-printed amounts from money orders, deposit slips, remittance coupons and other related documents.

"In our continuing effort to meet our customers' diverse needs, we have added A2iA CheckReader tools to our product suites," said David Johnson, President, RP Solutions. "This gives our customers even more flexibility to extract information that can be used in a variety of check validation, fraud detection, data mining and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications."

"For instance, the payor name is instantly read and compared against a black list while the name and address block can be captured automatically and used for marketing efforts. The payee name can be read to make sure a check is written to the correct company. The date field can be read to help screen for post-dated checks. Our software can further authenticate a captured address by validating it against the US Post Office database," Johnson explained. "Customers using these features, especially those in the collections industry, have very specific requirements and A2iA's toolkit allows us to better meet their needs."

With its powerful image quality and image usability tools A2iA CheckReader also detects checks that are poorly scanned or checks that have incomplete information. Alerting a user to a potentially non-negotiable item immediately following scanning prevents costly corrections later and ensures timely processing.

"We are thrilled RP Solutions has chosen to work with us," said Courtney Rand, A2iA's Marketing and Sales Director for North America. "Their innovative check processing applications now bring even more data collection capabilities, enhanced risk mitigation and improved operational efficiencies to their customers."

About A2iA
A2iA, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis, is a software company that operates one of the world's largest research centers focusing on ways to extract information from everyday paper documents that contain handwritten information. A2iA's Document Classification, OCR, ICR and IWR technologies have been reducing data-entry costs and improving business process automation for over 16 years. A2iA recognition engines can be used to enhance the forms processing, transaction processing, business process management, record-management, e-discovery, content management, document management, and knowledge management systems from leading vendors. For more information, please visit

About RP Solutions, Inc.
RP Solutions, Inc., based in Ithaca, NY, is a leading software developer and provider of solutions for image based item and remittance processing, remote deposit capture, ATM deposit balancing and archiving. RP Solutions helps organizations realize the benefits of Check 21 with products ranging from a desktop remote deposit capture solution for commercial sites to advanced customizable product suites for high volume payment processors. Leveraging its platform independent applications, RP Solutions is aligned with leading equipment manufacturers to provide some of the finest integrated solutions in the industry. From expert consultation to on-site implementation to exceptional support, RP Solutions is well known for delivering a superior customer experience. For more information, please visit

SOURCE: A2iA Corporation