Rotational Viscometer ViscoQC 100

ViscoQC 100

ViscoQC 100 is designed to bring simplicity to your daily operation for single point viscosity determination. Unrivaled user experience is ensured through its automatic spindle detection with magnetic coupling. Save your time when searching a speed to measure an unknown sample, as ViscoQC 100 automatically finds the right speed for you.

Gets ready immediately and right out of the box

  • Already assembled when delivered: Unpack and measure right away
  • Choose your national language during the first boot-up of ViscoQC 100
  • Correct instrument alignment is ensured digitally at boot-up/measurement
  • Relative spindles (L, RH) according to ISO 2555 included in standard delivery
  • Store up to 7 spindles in the optional spindle rack to keep your workspace tidy

Quick and easy measurement set-up for full traceability of results

  • Easy attachment/exchange of spindle on ViscoQC 100 using magnetic coupling
  • Automatic spindle recognition for error-free measurements using Toolmaster™
  • Perfect traceability by automatic detection of L or R guard, while attached
  • Wide speed range (0.1 rpm to 200 rpm) with customizable speed list
  • Monitor your sample temperature with a Pt100 sensor (-60 °C to +300 °C)
  • Control sample temperature with a thermostatic bath (ambient to +100 °C)
  • A flexible cup holder ensures your sample container is always centered at the right place

Most intuitive viscosity quality control measurements for exceptional results

  • Unique TruMode™ (auto speed function) finds the right spindle/speed combination for unknown sample
  • User calibration: Spindle correction factor storable on Toolmaster™
  • Intuitive user interface on 3.5” color LCD display with pre-defined modes
  • Predefined modes: Manual Mode, TruMode, Stop at Time/Torque, or Temperature
  • Prolonged spindle lifetime thanks to high chemical resistance of stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Increase sample throughput using disposable aluminum cups (D18) 

Fast export of viscosity results and pharma compliance ensured

  • Non-storage instrument: direct printout of your results right after measurement
    • Easily print labels with the optional DYMO® LabelWriter™
    • Free V-Collect data collection software included in every standard delivery
  • Don’t worry, be compliant: Instrument qualification
    • Available with Pharma Qualification Package – Smart
    • Fulfills requirements of GMP, GAMP 5 (except 21 CFR Part 11)
    • Install, qualify, and start using ViscoQC 100 within one day

Worldwide support for your viscometer guaranteed – at any time

  • Benefit from our exclusive extended three-year warranty program for ViscoQC 100
  • At-site exchangeable sensor for minimum downtime in case of repair
  • Avoid manual wind-up procedure thanks to automatic bearing by TruSine™
  • A free installation and operational qualification document is included in every delivery
  • Fast support ensured either by LiveChat or by our worldwide sales network in more than 110 countries