White Paper

Removing Barriers To Specialty Therapies

By Ron Lacy, Executive Director, Product Innovation and Services

patient with pill

Helping patients gain access to prescribed specialty therapies is a highly manual and time-consuming process for the healthcare industry. Whether support is given from a specialty pharmacy, pharmaceutical patient support programs (i.e., a hub), or a hospital system, each has the same goal — to overcome the administrative and financial barriers keeping the patient from therapy. Gaining access to specialty medications requires navigating multiple complex pathways, including determining insurance coverage options, co-pay amounts, the patient’s total cost of therapy, prior authorizations, and appeals. Obstacles along each path can lead to increased turnaround time and drive script abandonment.

As organizations seek solutions to streamline the process and get medications to patients faster, several questions are commonly asked:

  1. What emerging technologies and standards are available to support patient access?
  2. What are the shortfalls of these solutions, and how can you overcome them?
  3. What are some considerations for implementation?