White Paper

How Food Manufacturers Can Improve Margins By Leveraging Technology


Family-owned and -operated food operations are often built on gentlemen’s agreements These traditional businesses have moved through a generation or two using wisdom, methods and systems that have served them well. While these methods work, they can leave substantial money on the table. This white paper will explain how leveraging new technologies can help your business improve its margins.

About JustFood
JustFood delivers software and services for the food industry. Our trusted food experts help your company lower costs, improve food safety, and manage compliance to keep customers successful. We do this by matching up the best software technology with the best business processes. Our food industry experts have built a product roadmap that takes you where you want to grow. Food processing and food distribution companies working with JustFood software will reduce implementation timeframes and implementation risks often associated with ERP. JustFood software and services are powered by the fastest growing ERP platform in the world, Microsoft Dynamics, and features food industry-specific functionality.