Project Collaboration Solution

Project Collaboration

Project Collaboration is at the center of your execution and contracting strategy, bringing together fundamental activities aimed at protecting project schedule and budget without compromising data quality and integrity. Your projects will benefit from an environment which integrates multi-discipline design and contractual deliverables with modeling information and document management supporting the exchange and interoperability of all content during the project lifecycle.

The complexities of today's capital projects brings new challenges when managing and coordinating resources across the extended project enterprise. This demands a more integrated approach to share project data in a unified, collaborative project environment supporting all key disciplines and all phases. The advent of data-driven design applications allows you to execute on projects utilizing a single project information management environment.

Using Bentley's Project Collaboration solution enables you to better collaborate and share project content and deliverables in a more controlled, managed environment. Our solution provides you with complementary transmittals, submittals and RFI workflows to track revisions, record issues, and control important project deliverables. Contract management workflows offer you visibility into project costs and risks for financial performance monitoring and reporting. The environment also allows you to collaborate and workshare across the extended enterprise to maximize available project resources.