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Press Coffee Delivers A Personalized Experience With Mobile Ordering And Wireless Printers

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SpeedETab and Epson TM-m30 wireless printers deliver a personalized mobile ordering experience with big brand benefits.

In 2008, Steve Kraus opened a specialty coffee roastery and café in Phoenix, Arizona. With the dream of creating a unique coffee experience and a love of craft on par with the most passionate sommeliers, Kraus and partners Jason Kyle and Alex Mason operate seven streetside cafes in the greater Phoenix area and a flagship roasting facility is underway. The regional roaster has been nationally recognized with Golden Bean Awards in 2018 and 2017 and as the best roast in the Southwest by Coffee Review (2017). Local awards include Arizona Foothills Magazine’s Best Cup of Coffee (2019, 2018), Phoenix Magazine’s Best Roaster (2017), and Phoenix New Times Best Coffee Roaster (2016, 2015). Today, patrons can order beans delivered to their door and even sign up for Coffee 101 tasting classes modeled after professional coffee tasting sessions.

Press Coffee’s owners understand the power of customer experience in building their brand. They also know that convenience is almost as important as the brew. So, when they heard about SpeedETab, a mobile ordering platform that provides enterprise-class ordering, analytics and engagement tools, they were all ears. Founded in 2015, SpeedETab now powers mobile ordering and payments at more than 1,500 U.S. locations, including Barnes & Noble Cafes, Panther Coffee, Gregorys Coffee and Toby’s Estate. “Until very recently, having your own mobile ordering application was reserved for enterprise brands that had the resources and capital to build a quality mobile experience,” noted SpeedETab CEO Adam Garfield. “We make it easy for SMBs and mid-market brands to compete by giving them an out-of-the box digital ordering solution that lets customers skip the line while personalizing the ordering and pickup experience.”

Small Chain, Big Brand

Always on the lookout for emerging brands, SpeedETab spotted Press Coffee’s strong regional growth. “Press Coffee is an expanding concept with a very loyal base,” Garfield said. “Our solution helps them create an incredible customer experience, better engage with their customers and drive incremental revenue for their stores.”

“Customer experience is a big driver of our technology decisions,” noted Press Coffee co-owner Jason Kyle. “Our goal with a mobile app was to give our customers another way to order and know they were still getting the same great Press drinks and food. We also needed a reliable way to funnel mobile orders into our existing workflow so that baristas could streamline order-ahead tickets without interrupting service to in-store customers.”

Coffee and other quick service chains are looking to mobile ordering to boost revenues. Mobile order-and-pay represented 13 percent of benchmark Starbucks ® U.S. transactions in 2018* and is expected to increase as QSRs look for differentiating strategies to attract customers. “Retailers looking to succeed in the digital era need to remove as much friction from the ordering process as possible,” commented Garfield. “The convenience of mobile allows consumers to transact more easily and more often than ever before.”

SpeedETab and Epson Fit the Bill

SpeedETab integrates into popular cloud-based POS solutions including Toast, Revel and Square, and also offers a standalone solution which displays customer photos on orders for a concierge-style pickup experience. Epson’s sleek TM-m30 wireless mobile printers are an integral component of SpeedETab’s merchant solution. As mobile orders are received on an iPad running SpeedETab POS, they are wirelessly printed via Bluetooth on the Epson TM-m30 at the barista or cashier station.

“We see stores that do upwards of 30 percent of their business via mobile ordering,” noted Garfield, “so we needed a printer that restaurants can count on as their mobile order volume grows. Epson’s TM-m30 printers provide a plug-and-play experience that’s great for restaurants. They look great, they’re reliable, they’re compact, and they’re super easy to set up and use. That’s why it’s the only printer we offer,” noted Garfield.

Mojo for Coffee On the Go

Press Coffee users simply reorder favorites with the tap of a button. As each order is received, the in-store system flashes and beeps to alert staff. When the order is approved, the system sends the ticket via Bluetooth to the Epson TM-m30 for printing, then alerts the customer that the order is being prepared. To top off the concierge experience, the customer’s photo and name are displayed to help baristas provide that personal touch.

In use at all seven locations, Press Coffee’s branded ordering application boasts thousands of users after only six months and the adoption rate continues to climb. “With SpeedETab and Epson printers, we’ve integrated online orders into our workflow without missing a beat. Now we can ensure order accuracy and manage order volume during our busiest times,” commented Kyle. “Our baristas appreciate the compact modular design of the printers and how little space they use on the counter,” noted Kyle. “They don’t have to worry about them since they’re reliable and low maintenance products.”

SpeedETab is currently rolling out an item labeling feature to bring greater convenience to its customers. “Coffee shops are looking for hassle-free ways to label order-ahead cups and bags, and Epson label printers are the most reliable we’ve tested,” noted Garfield. Likewise, Press Coffee is working to grow loyal patrons through special “app-only” deals that showcase its mobile ordering capability like limited-time breakfast bundles and themed coffee-day offers that are redeemed by entering unique promo codes into the app. By continuing its quest for convenience and quality, Press Coffee is serving loyalty in every cup.


*Source:, October 2018
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