Prancer Randomization & Trial Supply Management

Prancer RTSM

Our team has extensive experience developing complex randomization schemes, including dynamic allocation (adaptive randomization).

Prancer supports central randomization, site blocked randomization, multiple strata, dynamically blocked to strata, dynamically blocked to strata and site as well as multiple randomizations.

Our supply capabilities are unparalleled. We offer all the standard functionality you would expect from an RTSM, plus so much more.

4G’s deep expertise in supply forecasting alongside the smart statistical models of our inventory management tool allows you to mitigate supply risk while balancing cost. Request a capabilities presentation today to learn more about how 4G can assist in determining your optimal supply strategy.

From screening, to randomization, titration and dosing calculations, our platform offers fully configurable feature sets.

At 4G, we understand the importance of full traceability to the status of trial patients. Our flexibility and robust offering can handle any trial derivative.

Our platform offers complete control to study leads to manage all operational data within the system.

We’ve put the control in your hands. Revisions to sites, user access, to name a few, should not require system changes from your vendor. After all, it’s your study.

The look and feel of Prancer was developed by incorporating feedback from real sponsor and site users.

We’ve adapted to your workflow to simplify your tasks, allowing you and your sites to get what you need out of the system quickly.

Our custom reporting functionality gives you control over your data – in real-time as opposed to weeks.

Surface the data you need, when you need it, without delays and expensive change orders.

Your RTSM data should blend seamlessly with all your clinical systems.

Our team has extensive experience building integrations from both the sponsor and vendor side. We understand the business criticality of integrations and have pre-built interfaces and integration standards with market leaders. Additionally, the flexibility of our product allows us to configure new integrations easily to support your studies.

The flexibility of our system allows quick responses to change requests and financial simplicity for you.

4G believes you should be able to make changes to your study without expensive trial delays.

4G’s Prancer was developed with a robust quality framework to ensure it is validated and meets relevant industry standards, including 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and EU directives.

Additionally, 4G’s simplified specification process produces higher quality systems. You only have to perform UAT once, as a final check, so there are no surprises.

We care about site centricity. Our platform was developed with direct feedback from clinical site professionals to ensure we are helping them spend time with their patients, not in our system. 

At 4G, we believe the sites have a voice in clinical trials. So, we asked them. Click here to hear the site’s feedback on our system.