Praesto® SP45 ProcessReady 10

Purolite Life Sciences

Pre-packed, ready-to-use ProcessReady columns are designed for easy scale-up and cost-effective bioprocessing for Phase I and Phase II clinical trial material. ProcessReady columns are made completely of polymeric materials and are designed for use in single-use production workflows. They are available in 3 sizes, with a fixed bed height of 20 cm to ensure optimum residence time, flow and capacity.

The ProcessReady 10 Praesto SP45 Column has a 10 cm inner diameter and a bed volume of 1.6 L. ProcessReady columns are packed and quality tested by Atoll GmbH, and delivered documented and ready for use. The transparent column tube allows top and bottom bed inspection during chromatographic operations. Wetted materials are USP Class VI and free of animal origin. Each column is supplied with HETP, As and pressure/flow column test results. Further documentation is available, as required. The columns are packed in a Class C clean room environment. Packing is stable and robust, and has been shown not to be affected by transport. Praesto SP45 is strong cation exchanger designed for biomolecule purification. Functionalization is with the well-established sulfopropyl group. It has a highly cross-linked agarose base matrix, and with an average particle size of 45um, is ideal for high resolution polishing.


  • Protein purification
  • MAb Purification


  • Pre-packed, pre-qualified and ready-to-use
  • Easy scale-up
  • Significant cost-savings through time, labor and buffer consumption reductions
  • Reduced cross-contamination risks
  • Quality tested by Atoll GmbH
  • Secure, validated supply and regulatory support


  • Manufactured under cGMP conditions


  • Prepacked 1.6L column