Praesto Epoxy Pre-Activated Resin


Pre-activated Epoxy resin functionalized on a modern, high flow agarose base matrix for simplified ligand immobilization and fully customizable affinity chromatography purification solutions.

To support in the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals, Purolite has developed a range of pre-activated agarose resins. These resins enable manufacturers to couple their own ligands to develop affinity chromatography solutions. NHS, Epoxy and CNBr pre-activated chemistries are available in three particle sizes - 45 μm, 65 μm and 90 μm.

Praesto Epoxy Resins
Praesto Epoxy resins have been designed to offer a simple solution for the immobilization of ligands onto an agarose chromatography matrix, which can be utilized to make customized affinity resins. This enables rapid scale-up from R&D proof of concept to larger scale bioprocess production columns.

Praesto Epoxy resins offer the versatility to couple ligands through primary amine, hydroxyl and thiol groups. The Praesto Epoxy resin design incorporates a spacer which separates the ligand from the chromatography carrier enabling maximum efficiency of the ligand. The epoxide group forms a stable linkage between the matrix and ligand, which has very low ligand leakage and high caustic stability. Many well-documented references (published over several years) are publicly available.

Key Performance Benefits

  • Very low levels of non-specific binding due to the highly hydrophilic properties of the agarose base matrix
  • Rigid base matrix allows significantly higher flow velocities, making them suitable for process-scale operations
  • Quick and straightforward coupling of affinity ligands
  • Spacer arm increases access to the Epoxy groups, maximizing ligand coupling and subsequent binding capacity
  • No swelling required (supplied in suspension), compared to other commercially available epoxy agarose resins, increasing productivity
  • Modern range of resins maximizes facility productivity, improving process economics significantly