Praesto CNBr Pre-Activated Resin


Pre-activated CNBr resin functionalized on a modern, high flow agarose base matrix for simplified ligand immobilization and fully customizable affinity chromatography purification solutions.

To support in the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals, Purolite has developed a range of pre-activated agarose resins. These resins enable manufacturers to couple their own ligands to develop affinity chromatography solutions. NHS, Epoxy and CNBr pre-activated chemistries are available in three particle sizes - 45 μm, 65 μm and 90 μm.

Praesto CNBr Resins
Praesto CNBr resins have been designed to offer a simple solution for the immobilization of ligands onto an agarose chromatography matrix, which can be utilized to make customized affinity resins. This enables rapid scale-up from R&D proof of concept to larger scale bioprocess production columns.

The use of Cyanogen bromide (CNBr) pre-activated base matrices is a well-established, rapid and familiar technique for the coupling of bio-specific ligands to generate affinity chromatography purification media. This choice of pre-activation chemistry is well suited for research, diagnostic and academic applications. Coupling is via primary amino groups. Praesto CNBr resins have a cyanogen-active group which form an isourea linkage between ligand and resin. Many well-documented references (published over several decades) are publicly available.

Key Performance Benefits

  • Very low levels of non-specific binding due to the highly hydrophilic properties of the agarose base matrix
  • Rigid base matrix allows significantly (over 100%) higher flow velocities than other agarose resins, making it suitable for process scale operations
  • Quick and straightforward ligand coupling
  • CNBr agarose has been successfully used for over two decades
  • Chemically stable due to multipoint attachment ligand chemistry coupling
  • Modern range of resins maximizes facility productivity, improving process economics significantly