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Postal Processing Solution Greatly Reduces Doc Prep

Source: OPEX Corporation
Postal Processing Solution

In the fast and demanding sector of Business Process Outsourcing, award-winning Parseq is simply par excellence. Established 40 years ago, the company has evolved in to a highly respected major player with offices in Yorkshire, London and Glasgow. The Parseq portfolio crosses the business spectrum from high value global brands to SMEs embracing front and back of office outsourced procedures including customer acquisition, retention and service, product fulfillment and delivery, client invoicing, billing & collections.

The integrity of Parseq is reflected in their acceptance and compliance within highly regulated areas such as such as banks, the public sector and Not-For-Profit (NFP) operations as well as the commercial aspect of energy, retail, travel and publishing houses. The sheer statistics speak for themselves: over 100,000 items of financial correspondence processed securely every day; £2 billion payments made every month; 70 million calls made per year on behalf of clients; and an integrated cheque service across 9 countries.

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