Pharmaceutical Powder/Fume Hood System

Pharmaceutical Powder/Fume Hood System

Combination Powder and Fume Hood with HEPA filtration and house exhaust connection designed to process liquid and powder substances. Fume Hood designed to house stir plate and analytical balance. It features cup sink; air, water, and gas fittings; and alarm for monitoring and maintaining recommended face velocity of 75 LFPM. Fume and Powder Hoods separated by sliding door to eliminate cross-contamination during processing. Powder Hood uses front airfoils and rear plenums to maintain laminar airflow across the work surface, which is vented through a HEPA filtration system to house exhaust.


DESIGN. Uniquely designed for safety and convenience, the SAF T FLOW™ features include a different kind of bypass system that assures all airflow entrained by the hood is actively used to engage, contain, and exhaust fumes from the containment area. High efficiency allows a high degree of energy saving which saves lots of money.

SAFETY. The SAF T FLOW™ lab fume hood series provides safety from chemical vapors generated during chemical processes including reflux, distillation, flash chromatography, evaporation, and other process equipment applications.

FLEXIBILITY. SAF T FLOW™ chemical hood uses the same overall design structure in all standard fume hood sizes to maximize simplicity in lab planning, layout, and HVAC coordination. This approach allows any popular low flow exhaust option without requiring expensive retrofits to the hood.

SLIDE-OUT TOP SYSTEM.  Sometimes tops shatter. The slide-out feauture allows complete top replacement without lifting the fume hood superstructure and disconnecting plumbing and ductwork.

STABILIZING BAFFLE CONTROL SYSTEM.  Slots orented in both X and Y axis promote even air flow back into the hood interior from top to bottom of the sash opening. The rear baffle is also removable for easy fume hood cleaning.

QUICK-SET SCAFFOLDING SYSTEM.  Detachment knobs make for quick scaffolding setup and easy rear baffle removal for cleaning of the fume hood.

CLEAR CORD FLIP-UP AIRFOIL.  Used for safe cord routing and airflow direction in the chemical fume hood.

HEAVY GUAGE SUPERSTRUCTURE AND CHAIN DRIVE.  14 and 18 guage framing system and #35 steel chain drive will run 500,000 cycles without breaking.

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