Article | February 4, 2016

Overcoming The Challenges Of Communication, Culture And Trust Between Onshore And Offshore Development Teams

Source: ECM Connection
Challenges Of Communication

At Axis, we run our projects with our clients utilizing a combination of onshore and offshore resources.  For over a decade we’ve been doing it and we have learned some valuable lessons to establish better synergy within our widespread workforce. This article showcases the inherent challenges working with the offshore team, both socially and culturally and how we’ve streamlined communication, set realistic expectations of the group and the overall delivery of our projects.

You’ll find some useful tips here to maximize productivity, communicate more efficiently, address the control hierarchy, align realistic goals, motivate the team and improve the general working relationships between not only our employees but the clients we support.

Maximizing Offshore Productivity

The Challenge

Onshore: Onshore team members working closely with business are in a better situation to respond to user needs and changes in the business environment. Colocation further helps this where changing business needs facilitate interaction and quick feedback loop. You know how your users respond to situations and work environment.

Offshore: Teams not in touch with the changing conditions are more intent on following processes and procedures to ensure that things are addressed efficiently.

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