Operational Analytics


Make Better Decisions with Real-Time Analytics.


Be Empowered by your Data

Info360 (formerly SCADAWatch) leverages your data so you can:

  • Conduct daily system audits
  • Optimize decisions from the control room to the field
  • Drive operational efficiencies and hit KPIs
  • Find leaks faster and avoid costly incidents
  • Build custom BI dashboards

Real-time Asset Management
Track the decline of pump efficiencies and the cost of running them. Info360 enables you to enact efficient rehabilitation and replacement initiatives that fit with your utility’s asset management strategy.

Get Early Warnings
Spot leaks, overflows, and I&I before they become a problem. With Info360 you can implement proactive incident management programs with an early warning system for operations.

Pain Relief for Modelers
No more wrangling spreadsheets or CSV files. Info360 is a game changer for updating and calibrating hydraulic models, by efficiently analyzing SCADA data with model results. Engineers and modelers can now focus on analysis, design, and optimization. Watch our video to see how Info360 makes modeling easier.

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