Newsletter | July 3, 2018

07.03.18 -- OCR Drives Innovative Tech Tools For Assisted Learning

  Digital Mail — A Revolution Interrupted

The "digital mailroom revolution" has been just around the corner for many years. But technology on its own does not drive change without providing a demonstrable benefit to the end user. Even so, the risks can be too significant for adoption to reach a tipping point. The digital mailroom, trumpeted for years by many industry leaders, is a perfect example. But are the barriers of the past simply challenges that may yet be overcome? Learn more.

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How Electronic Invoice Handling Increases Bottom Line, Reduces Costs
Case Study | By DocStar

In 2017, Health Food Associates decided to further support the efforts of its retail staff by easing the time spent on invoice processing and related procedures. On a monthly basis, the company's accounting department based at its corporate headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, received an average of 4,000 vendor invoices a month from 16 Akin's locations. This material was bundled on a near daily basis by each store and sent via mail and UPS for payment.

Positioning Yourself To Optimize Costs, Complexity, And Productivity In The Digital Mailroom
Article | By OPEX Corporation

Let's once and for all conquer paper mail.  Let's organize and operationalize mail in the fewest steps possible, so we can focus on customers and making business processes more efficient. Let's start with a set of tools that will help us solve both today's and tomorrow's changing needs.

OCR Drives Innovative Tech Tools For Assisted Learning
Guest Column | By Bruce Orcutt, ABBYY

There are several innovative assisted learning tools available with the foundational technology being optical character recognition technology (OCR). OCR technology provides efficient and accurate document processing, converts paper- or image-original documents to editable formats, and translates into various languages. Following are four innovative examples of OCR technology in assisted learning tools.

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