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Improving Profitability With Intelligent Channels
By A2iA Corporation
As financial institutions become more digital and adopt customer-centric business models, updating legacy systems and innovating channels remains a primary focus. Creating a seamless omni-channel environment for customers also means tackling evolving organizational infrastructure and being able to address incoming images regardless of their input method: branch, ATM, scanner, or mobile device.
How To Ensure The Success Of Your Digital Mailroom
By Tim Osman via the OPEX Blog

From email and fax to digitally born documents, from interoffice envelopes to United States Postal mail and overnight deliveries, there is a constant barrage of information and multiple streams of data entering our organizations. The real task is determining the best, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to collect, digitize, organize, and deliver this mail.

OTC: Order To Cash Efficiency, Now Available Over The Counter
By Dave Caldeira, Lexmark

Research has shown more than 75 percent of organizations believe the time involved in manually processing sales orders constitutes a genuine impediment to the growth and potential of their company. While most businesses rely on customer orders to stay in business, the actual work associated with processing said orders can, ironically, become a drain on resources, at once a blessing and a curse.

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ibml SoftTrac PostScan

With the PostScan module, SoftTrac can format images and data then integrate directly into a wide range of systems.

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