Change Management: Can You Afford To Do Nothing?

You know that technology can make your work easier, faster, more accurate, and less expensive. You also know that change not only involves processes; it also involves people. People who built the processes and people who have been working the processes for quite some time, and that can sometimes be a little hairy to navigate. So, how do you get there? We’ve boiled it down to five broad steps that can help successfully move big projects forward. Learn more.

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Unstructured Invoice Recognition And Processing
White Paper | By LEAD Technologies Inc.

There is no doubt imaging technologies such as forms recognition and optical character recognition (OCR) have revolutionized the way companies do business and have freed up countless man-hours from the tedious and error-prone task of data entry. However, these technologies still rely on the assumption that the data will be located in the same place on every document.

One-Touch Document Capture Platform Improves Timeliness, Accuracy Of Management Reports
Case Study | By OPEX Corporation

Sun Life was manually processing over 25,000 medical and dental health claims daily. In addition to reporting and tracking inaccuracies, the length of time to process a claim could be as long as seven days. Sun Life undertook an imaging and workflow project to improve cycle times and control, and the biggest hurdle was the complexity of over 800 different sizes and types of medical claim documents.

How Intelligent Automation Is Eliminating Manual Data Entry
White Paper | By A2iA Corporation

Technological automation doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be better than the humans it is replacing. And, it turns out, that’s a benchmark being met and exceeded in more areas than one could have previously imagined.

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OPEX AS7200i Document Capture Platform

The world’s most efficient out-of-the-envelope scanning platform has just evolved. Introducing the OPEX AS7200i high-volume production scanner with integrated mail extraction.

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