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Combining Claims Processing With X-Ray Scanning — How Hard Can It Be?
By OPEX Corporation

Dentegra serves enrollees in both commercial and government-sponsored programs. Recently, it turned its attention to an ambitious automation project: improving claims processing for a large government client.

Diagnostic Testing Organization Modernizes Operations With DocumentReader
By A2iA Corporation

Initiated by the customer’s C-Suite as part of a five-year savings plan, an organization looked to modernize operations within its primary business unit and to automate its paper-based processes. The chosen solution was required to provide value with respect to shortened processing times and increased efficiencies, but also by delivering ROI.

From Copiers To Computers: ECM Eases Shift To Digital For Photocopy Companies
By Tim Wacker, technical writer, NBN Communications

Demand for copy paper is expected to drop by nearly a quarter in the next decade, following a 3.3 million ton drop in the last four years. Yet the demand for documentation, particularly in the healthcare, legal, and financial services industries is more prevalent than ever. So there is a growing need for digitization as well as for systematic and efficient filing, storage, and retrieval.

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High-Volume Scanner: ibml ImageTrac-Lite Document Scanner For Remittance Processing

ibml’s ImageTrac-Lite is a specially configured, hardware, software, and services solution that provides fast, reliable, and easy-to-use document scanning at a competitive price.

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