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Locate, Extract, And Classify Data From Payments, Forms, And Handwritten Documents
White Paper | By A2iA Corporation

The following document discusses how A2iA’s proprietary toolkits can be applied to various applications within the banking industry through traditional applications as well as applied to omni-channel workflows. Regardless of the method of input – scanner, kiosk, or mobile device – A2iA’s recognition technology can be applied for processing and routing to the various workflows.

Mail Company Creates New Revenue Streams, Improves Customer Value With Automated Returned Mail Services
Case Study | By OPEX Corporation

Returned mail presents a logistical and operational challenge for companies with large volumes of mail. Having recognized this challenge, Lake Michigan Mailers Inc. now offers a service that automates returned mail processing for its customers using a high-capacity scanner and specialized software. Not only has this saved their labor and costs for their customers, but it has also created a new revenue stream.

New Year’s Resolution: When Setting Archive Policies, Don’t Forget Social Media
Guest Column | Bill Tolson, Archive360

While some companies may feel secure using nonenterprise social media tools without retaining social media content from their nonenterprise accounts, this is foolish, since such tools are unlikely to protect account access and content beyond the degree required to satisfy corporate security policies. Yet, even though fewer than three in five organizations retain social media content from their enterprise accounts, these social platforms often contain important business information, just like corporate emails do.

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OPEX Mail Matrix Intelligent Mixed Mail Sorter

Introducing Mail Matrix — a mixed mail sorting system that streamlines the process with speed and accuracy and eliminates reliance on operator memory! Tight deadlines and too many variables are no longer a challenge.

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