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The Dark Sides Of Inactive Data: Liability And Risk
By Mika Javanainen, M-Files Corporation

Current EIM solutions are already fostering environments with less dark data and with fewer risks associated with dark data. With increased visibility and more discoverability, a portion of otherwise dark data is also being more actively used.

Combining Claims Processing With X-Ray Scanning — How Hard Can It Be?
By OPEX Corporation

Dentegra serves enrollees in both commercial and government-sponsored programs. Recently, it turned its attention to an ambitious automation project: improving claims processing for a large government client.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning: The Future Is Now
By A2iA Corporation

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are included in almost every 2017 trends article, and rightfully so. But what are AI and machine learning, and what impact will these technologies have on our industry? A2iA recently took time to talk with ECM Connection to answer these questions and more.

Featured Product
ibml ImageTracDS 1085

The ImageTracDS 1085 from ibml is a first-of-its-kind mid-volume production scanner offering many of the features that have made ibml’s ImageTrac scanners the best in their class.


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