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Scan And Capture Technology Is Not Immune To Data Breaches
A Q&A with Joseph Pizzitola, VP of information technology and security for ibml
Headlines about security breaches are commonplace. A company is hacked by someone and exposes sensitive information. Other times an employee accidentally leaves a laptop or thumb drive out in public. Regardless of the circumstance, companies that use scan and capture technology must be aware of how liable they are for data breach issues and must implement security features to protect their data.
Postal Processing Solution Greatly Reduces Doc Prep
By OPEX Corporation
In the fast and demanding sector of business process outsourcing, award-winning Parseq is simply par excellence. Established 40 years ago, the company has evolved into a highly respected major player with offices in Yorkshire, London, and Glasgow. The Parseq portfolio crosses the business spectrum from high-value global brands to SMEs embracing front and back of office outsourced procedures, including customer acquisition, retention and service, product fulfillment and delivery, client invoicing, and billing and collections.
Is Going Paperless Really Possible?
By Katie Wike, contributing writer

According to nonprofit WRAP’s green office efficiency guide, the average worker uses up to 45 sheets of paper per day — half of which is considered waste. WRAP notes a best-practice office can use as little as seven reams of paper per staff member per year.

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a2ia mNote
a2ia mNote eliminates the burden of carrying paper documents and the risk of losing them. Powered by A2iA’s award-winning handwriting recognition capabilities, a2ia mNote brings unstructured and cursive text extraction to the mobile device.
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