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With the OPEX Falcon mixed documents scanner, users have the capability to scan nearly any style or type of document. Don't believe us? See for yourself here and at the 2016 ARMA International LIVE! Conference & Expo in booth #102.

Featured Articles
Scanning Solutions Remove Backlog Of Payments
By OPEX Corporation

In the recession’s aftermath, a growing number of municipalities across the country are struggling as revenue declines and debt increases. Treasurers are being challenged to do more with less, forced to find a way to continue collecting and depositing payments while decreasing the cost of doing so.

Scanning Solution Classifies 1.2 Million Documents Daily
By A2iA Corporation

Each morning the BPO would receive boxes of paper documents from their providers’ facilities. Although classification software was being utilized in-house, the BPO was not satisfied with its results and sought to find an easier-to-use, higher-performing solution.

Government Agency Finds Big Savings In Small Scanners
By Kodak Alaris

The goal was simple: dramatically reduce the cost of document storage and make the task of retrieving documents easier, more efficient, and cost-effective.

Featured Product
DocNetics In-line Document Scanning Intelligence

ibml’s DocNetics suite brings dynamic intelligence to the scanning process to accelerate the transformation of paper-based content to digital information. It combines sophisticated image analysis with customized business rules to ensure document integrity, completeness and more precise identification. DocNetics takes scanning to a new level of performance that is faster, more accurate, and less costly.

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