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Document Reader Drives Records Management Solution For Yale University
Case Study | By A2iA Corporation

Specimens in the Yale University Herbarium collection date as far back as 160 years, making it an important national historical collection. Yale required a solution that would make 350,000 specimen labels searchable by scientists and educators at a global level, without incurring vast amounts of manual labor to key the historical data.

How To Achieve Efficiency In The Midst Of Economic Crisis
Case Study | By OPEX Corporation

In the recession’s aftermath, a growing number of municipalities across the country are struggling as revenue declines and debt increases. Treasurers are being challenged to do more with less, forced to find a way to continue collecting and depositing payments while decreasing the cost of doing so.

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A2iA Mobility

The same capabilities that the global payment systems and document processing markets have trusted for more than 25 years are now available for mobile devices. Bring diversity and breadth to your product-suite with our patented technology, enabling a seamless and simpler user experience. Available for Android, iOS, and Windows, let A2iA take your mobile document processing steps beyond where it is today.

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