The Better Way To Process Claims With X-Rays

Do you process dental or medical claim forms? If so, then you know how complex and time-consuming the process can be to prepare each claim for scanning. Well, we have the solution for you! Watch now!

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Intelligent Capture Helps Streamline Document Retrieval, Enhance Data Security
By ibml

One large healthcare network improved efficiency with an intelligent capture that enabled the network to reallocate staff, streamline document retrieval, and better safeguard sensitive provider information in its credentialing area.

Don't Find Yourself Guilty Of Costly Scanning Practices In Your Law Firm
By Laura Evans via the OPEX Blog

The number of paper documents produced and gathered during discovery can be overwhelming and the resulting case files even more so. These important records can include anything from statements, spreadsheets, technical drawings, images, and even hand written notes. They can span every facet of the legal process from client interviews to final case appeals.

Do You Have The Right Records Management Skills?
By Katie Wike, contributing writer

According to consultant and analyst Steve Weissman, there are certain skills that make a great records manager.

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A2iA FieldReader: Advanced OCR, ICR, IWR, And Cursive Handwriting Recognition Technology

A2iA FieldReader features state-of-the-art recognition engines that have been designed with one goal in mind: to help businesses access more data, extract more actionable intelligence, and produce more profitable returns from their document conversion and information automation processes.

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