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It Is Still The Forgotten Cost Of Document Capture
By Laura Evans via the OPEX Blog

Often, there are things in life that never get a second thought – we merely dismiss them as unimportant or not worth our time. Well, whatever your excuses or reasons may be, being forgetful can certainly cost you in the long run. 

AI, Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition Help Indict 7 In $98 Million Workers Compensation Case
By A2iA Corporation

Working closely with Infinilytics, a team of claims professionals, data scientists, and law enforcement professionals with a background in insurance investigations and special investigation unit (SIU) protocols, the DA successfully won their case after evidence was presented to the grand jury over a six-week period.

3 Signs Your ECM System Is Obsolete
By Catherine Ramos, director of operations, Laserfiche

All enterprise content management (ECM) systems are not created equal, and learning your organization’s ECM system is obsolete can be discouraging — especially after spending valuable time, money, and effort on deployment. It is important, however, for organizations to replace outdated systems in order to take advantage of improved functionality.

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ibml SoftTrac Quality Control

SoftTrac Quality Control allows users to quickly review images of documents and batches using an adjustable-speed auto-scroll tool. Users can display thumbnail images, flag documents for rescanning, manually crop, image fill for redaction and highlighting, import, rotate, or flip images. Users can also edit or delete documents and metadata.

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