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How To Ensure The Success Of Your Digital Mailroom
By Tim Osman via the OPEX Blog

From email and fax to digitally born documents, from interoffice envelopes to United States Postal mail and overnight deliveries, there is a constant barrage of information and multiple streams of data entering our organizations.  The real task is determining the best, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to collect, digitize, organize, and deliver this mail.

Self-Service Kiosks Support Branch Transformation
By A2iA Corporation

In an increasingly digital world, financial institutions are shifting gears to modernize and evolve with the changing needs of their clients, and as clients' expectations evolve, the more important an FIS omni-channel strategy becomes.

Don't Ignore Mobile
By Katie Wike, contributing writer

Four in 10 organizations don't allow or offer mobile access to their content. Despite the great migration to mobile, it also has its risks, the greatest of which is security.

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ibml SoftTrac Scan

ibml’s SoftTrac Scan enables users to centralize information management and helps to ensure regulatory compliance and tracking and control. With the operational intelligence provided by SoftTrac Scan, organizations can more easily standardize their scanning operations and the information they provide.

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