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Dentegra Group Improves Claims Processing Efficiency
By OPEX Corporation

Insurance claims processing is a complex endeavor, and for companies that manually manage the incoming documents it is very time-consuming. Dental claims include a number of different forms, supporting documentation, and patient X-rays, all of which must be properly classified, sorted, scanned, and filed.

5 Trends Shaping Enterprise Labeling
As the function of labeling continues to grow in importance in today’s global supply chain, many companies are searching for labeling processes that work hand in hand with their supply chain strategy. These companies recognize labeling has becoming a mission-critical component in their supply chain as they continue to expand globally.
Making Sense Of The Disrupted ECM Market
By ibml

Digital transformation and the challenges of information governance in the digital age are two topics currently dominating the enterprise content management (ECM) market. Toss in cloud services, which continue to reshape collaboration and content management, and it’s clear to see why the ECM space is in a state of disruption.

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A2iA Lockbox Capabilities

Increase revenue potential and make lockbox services more efficient with A2iA DocumentReader and A2iA CheckReader. Proven around the globe to deliver the most advanced capabilities that increase your access to critical, revenue-driving data and deliver an ROI visible to the bottom line.

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