What Parts Of 'Intelligent’ Are Really Making A Difference?

Many nonautomated steps of capture remain that are human intensive: document preparation, editing, adding new content types, and adjusting document classifications, to name but a few. Join OPEX Corporation's Bill Kristich at the AIIM Conference for a discussion of areas where intelligent capture methods fall short, and be sure to check out the OPEX Falcon at AIIM in Booth #3.

Featured Articles
Helping Providers Capture Demographic And Health Information From Consent Forms
By A2iA Corporation

By converting thousands of handwritten forms in both English and Spanish into searchable and accessible digital electronic files for use by state health officials, this integrated solution minimized data entry and provided a high level of accuracy of the information captured from the documents.

Automating The Loan Review Process
By ibml

UAI was challenged by the review of prefunded loans that it was considering purchasing from “buy here, pay here” automobile dealerships. UAI receives loan documents as part of a proposal for purchase, each proposal containing numerous client loan packages, which include all of the documents related to a loan averaging about 35 pages. In order to accurately review the loan packages, UAI was required to manually determine if all the loan documents existed, creating many challenges.

Document Collaboration — It Isn’t Really A Problem, Is It?
By Hans Downer, president & CEO, SavvyDox

In the grand scheme of things, document collaboration is a mundane, time-consuming process that normally doesn’t get much attention since executives normally don’t get heavily involved in the process, nor do they understand the magnitude of the impact on their organization. However, taking the approach of ignoring a mundane, time-consuming process could have a big negative impact on your career.

Featured Product
OPEX AS180: Retail Payment Automation Workstation

For more than a decade, the OPEX Image Export Module (IEM) has provided unsurpassed payment automation to the largest processors of clean mail. The OPEX AS180 was designed to bring this industry-leading imaging platform to lower-volume operations and exception processing.

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