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Mixed Mail Solution Cuts Costs 15 Percent
Case Study | By OPEX Corporation

An entire staffing unit was dedicated to handling, preparing, and pre-sorting the mail by lockbox, then by checks only, multis, bulk checks, and full page. With the new solution, most of the incoming mail can be processed unsorted, and prep has been reduced 30 percent.

How To Improve BPO Profit Margins
Case Study | By A2iA Corporation

Automation is the key to a successful document workflow and something that service bureaus must manage on a daily basis. With razor-thin profit margins, BPOs know all too well the importance that technology plays in developing a successful document management system and their ability to meet customer timelines and requirements.

Featured Product
A2iA Lockbox Capabilities

Increase revenue potential and make lockbox services more efficient with A2iA DocumentReader and A2iA CheckReader. Proven around the globe to deliver the most advanced capabilities that increase your access to critical, revenue-driving data and deliver an ROI visible to the bottom line.

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