Case Study

New Smart Water Network Provides Perfect Harmony At Nashville Metro Water Services


Providing clean drinking water to its citizens since the early 1800s, Nashville’s city government has a deep-rooted history in the water industry. Today, Nashville Metro Water Services (MWS) serves more than 191,000 customers in Nashville and surrounding counties.

These numbers continue to grow. Each year, more and more people are drawn to “Music City”, coming not only for the more than 200-year tradition of great music but also for the community’s stellar universities, unique history and vibrant culture. Quality service and operational efficiency are critical as MWS welcomes these newcomers.

For the technicians at MWS, poison ivy and bug bites were often part of the job, especially in rural farmlands of the utility’s northern territory. To reach some of the more remote areas, technicians routinely walked through fields and drove in hazardous road conditions to manually read meters.