White Paper

New Design Techniques Speed Time-To-Market For RF Filters In 4G Mobile Devices

By Bob Hammond, Resonant Inc.

As the world’s market continues to grow exponentially in the need for in wireless connectivity in mobile devices and data networks, manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the production of spectrum bands that are required to carry the data. This demand results in the requirement of more RF components for connected devices, which simultaneously adds more cost and power demands, and forces manufacturers to continuously add new models to keep up with bandwidth needs. Carrier aggregation and complex MIMO designs are then pressured into using dramatically smaller and cheaper RF filters. Download the white paper for an in-depth discussion on the new Infinite Synthesized Networks (ISNTM); a new filter design solution that can be used to develop state-of-the-art Band 3 duplexers with low-cost SAW fabrication while achieving high performance results.