Case Study

New Automated Teller Check-Processing Application Slashes Error Rates

Source: A2iA Corporation

Credit unions and banks are continuously looking for ways to reduce their operating costs, provide better customer service, and efficiently use their resources. With this in mind, Olim, LLC, a technology developer that builds solutions to make their customers more successful, integrated A2iA CheckReader™, a comprehensive check- image processing toolkit, into its comprehensive check scanning solution.

“With uncertain economic times upon us, banks are focusing on the efficient use of their resources and their cost of doing business,” said Courtney Rand, A2iA’s marketing  and  sales  director  for  North  America. “Automation and efficiency at the front line is where it all begins.”


Prior to A2iA CheckReader’s integration into Olim Check Scanning Solution, (Olim CSS), all checks were being processed manually by the bank teller, allowing for keyed errors and mistakes. Transactions were then balanced at the end of the day against the banking system’s software, utilizing much of the branch manager’s time to find an error when present.

Additionally, many smaller banking institutions were challenged with the time that their X9.37 file needed to be posted, making the bank’s window for scanning in the afternoon very limited.

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