Case Study

MSP Saves Time, Management Overhead With A Tailored Antivirus Solution


Mirus IT is a managed service provider based in Milton Keynes, UK, and serving customers in the surrounding Midlands and the London metro area. Their clients range in size from 2 to 400 employees and come from all verticals. They offer a full suite of solutions in addition to managed security services, always keeping an emphasis on client success and satisfaction.

The Challenge

Mirus IT was plagued by all the same problems that had aggravated the IT community for years. Heavy endpoint agents were causing major performance problems, upsetting clients and frustrating technicians. Kaspersky, their former antivirus solution, was becoming a major source of support tickets in its own right. With customers and employees alike, their existing antivirus was causing major headaches.

“The Kaspersky solution was quite heavy. There were a lot of complaints about how slow machines were, particularly when scanning around startup.”

“It was also a very difficult product to install and uninstall properly. It wasn’t something we could script, so any machines that needed to be taken off or put on required manual intervention, which again is very time consuming and frustrating for the customer,” Mirus Head of Service Operations Richard Cook said. “Also, the console was not particularly user-friendly, and there was no integration with our other tools.”

This made retrieving service tickets a pain. Mirus manages service requests through ConnectWise Manage, a solution which does not integrate with Kaspersky. It also complicated billing, which is done through ConnectWise Automate.

“The only way we could get a ticket out of it was to look for an event ID, which again is manual and fairly intensive,” Richard Cook said. “From a billing and reporting perspective, it didn’t hold up.”

The Solution

Richard Cook and Mirus went to market in search of a solution better tailored to their needs. They were looking for something smaller, lighter, easier to configure, easier to deploy, and that kept their management needs as an MSP in mind.

Before Webroot, virus scans were averaging 20 minutes and Mirus was spending around 470 hours per year managing their endpoints. After making the switch, scan times dropped to an average of two minutes and time spent managing endpoint antivirus solutions fell to 168 hours, a 65 percent drop. There was a 100 percent drop in antivirus-related tickets, since Webroot wasn’t slowing endpoints. Time to install dropped 95 percent.

“We can go off and do really interesting stuff for our clients with that time and not have to worry about our antivirus. That’s a massive benefit for us.”

“If you look at the Webroot console, it was designed for an MSP at the outset,” said Richard Cook. “We can interrogate the system in terms of billing and licensing. We can count the amount of licenses we’ve got every month and know how to bill people. We’re happy to manage the monthly increases and decreases because there is no manual work involved in that. The real value for us is in how it’s structured and how it integrates into other solutions.”


Mirus made the switch to Webroot® Business Endpoint Protection two years ago and now manages 6,200 endpoints with the solution.

“The overhead for actually managing [endpoints] is really very little. We look at the console, but actually fixing stuff and getting hands-on involved is very rare these days. We don’t really need to do much,” Richard Cook said, noting that both deploying and billing for Webroot was greatly simplified by RMM integration plugins.

One more thing Richard Cook noted: Webroot’s active and helpful user community.

“If you have an idea or would like to float something, there’s plenty of opportunity to get involved. I haven’t seen that with any other AV provider and I think that’s a really great touch.”