Newsletter | May 8, 2018

05.08.18 -- Mobility Solution Increases Productivity For Banking Group

  Digital Mail: A Revolution Interrupted

The "digital mailroom revolution" has been just around the corner for many years. But technology on its own does not drive change without providing a demonstrable benefit to the end user. Even so, the risks can be too significant for adoption to reach a tipping point. The digital mailroom, trumpeted for years by many industry leaders, is a perfect example. But are the barriers of the past simply challenges that may yet be overcome? Learn more.

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Unstructured Invoice Recognition And Processing
White Paper | LEAD Technologies Inc.

There is no doubt imaging technologies, such as forms recognition and optical character recognition (OCR), have revolutionized the way companies do business and have freed up countless man-hours from the tedious and error-prone task of data entry. However, these technologies still rely on the assumption that the data will be located in the same place on every document.

Enterprise Content Management For Manufacturing
White Paper | RPI Consultants

Manufacturing enterprises are complex, and manufacturers must operate as lean as possible to drive profits, revenue, and growth. Between changing regulations and an intricate, global supply chain, you need solutions that are flexible, easy to manage, and offer visibility and control over the information that drives your business and applications.

Mobility Solution Increases Productivity For Banking Group
Case Study | A2iA Corporation

E-banking services, new multichannel interactions, and tech-friendly customers have forced financial institutions to change the way in which they interact with their customers, including their acquisition strategies and enrollment initiatives. This European bank did just that while reducing its costs and increasing its productivity, yet still maintaining the security of its customers' data.

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