Millipore Express® SHC Hydrophilic Filters

Millipore ExpressĀ® SHC Hydrophilic Filters

Millipore Express® SHC (Sterile, High Capacity) filters provide superior throughput and capacity in applications where sterilizing-grade performance is needed and premature filter plugging is a concern. These filters are ideal for sterile filtration of cell culture media, protein solutions and other high fouling fluids. Millipore Express® SHC filters contain two polyethersulfone membrane layers, 0.5 μm/0.2 μm, and come in a range of device formats and sizes to suit your application needs.


  • High capacity, high flux hydrophilic PES membranes
  • Validated sterilizing-grade performance
  • Easy wetting and integrity testing
  • Superior throughput in high fouling streams, including media and protein containing solutions
  • Increased capacity for improved process efficiency and economy
  • Broad chemical compatibility across a wide pH range (1-14) — caustic compatible