Liquid Cooling For Large High-Power RF Amplifiers

Liquid Cooling For Large High-Power RF Amplifiers

AR offers new CoolAR Chillers for any of its standard liquid-to-liquid cooled amplifiers. These chillers are made to guarantee amplifier performance in any operating condition, decrease the risk of unsuitably sized equipment, and simplify the purchasing process by working with only one vendor.

The CoolAR Chillers are designed to handle unique requirements for testing amplifiers, and interface with the amplifier controller for monitoring of faults. The chillers are sized for each amplifier model with the user’s operating requirements and environment in mind. AR will also deliver chillers for custom amplifier.

Advantages for using liquid cooled amplifiers include:

  • Lower overall temperatures
  • Reduces the size of the amplifiers
  • Reduces the heat load on the amplifier room
  • Allows for fewer fans
  • Provides the option of using the existing cooling

Click here to read more on the advantages of AR’s liquid cooled amplifier capabilities, or download the datasheets for more information on available liquid cooled amplifiers.