Article | June 17, 2016

It Is Still The Forgotten Cost Of Document Capture

Source: OPEX Corporation
Document Capture Cost

By Laura Evans via the OPEX Blog


That’s a word to which we can all relate. It happens to everyone at some point: We cram our schedules and minds so full that we often forget the simplest, yet most important things in life.  Let’s say you forget to turn off the water before you leave for vacation - you may come home to burst pipes, a huge mess and an extremely high water bill!  Maybe you forgot to pay your water bill altogether – “Whoops! No water for you!”  But I seriously doubt that you’ve ever forgotten your wedding anniversary. Oh, you did!? Yikes!

We come up with some pretty good excuses for WHY we forgot those all-important tasks & significant dates.  For me, I blame my son!  When he was born two years ago, he stole part of my brain!  Well, maybe not, but he did steal my heart!

Often, there are things in life that never get a second thought – we merely dismiss them as unimportant or not worth our time. Well, whatever your excuses or reasons may be, being forgetful can certainly cost you in the long run.