Inventory, Asset And Contract Management

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ServicePower enables intelligent utilization of customer asset, tech part inventory, service history and predictive intelligence to provide faster, smarter service to your customers.

Field service operations can better utilize customer asset and technician inventory information to improve first-time fix rates, while also providing additional value to the customer through predictive maintenance contract offers.

4 Simple Steps for Asset, Inventory and Contract Management Success

1. Create Customer Assets
Manage assets at the customer, location, contract or work order level. Field technicians gain a fuller picture of all owned assets, facilitating a complete service experience.

2. Better Utilize Inventory
View part inventory at the technician and business level and use predictive logic to plan part requirements and monitor part utilization, ensuring adequate stock to decrease truck rolls and increase first rates.

3. Create Contracts
Using predictive logic, evaluate asset, service history and manufacturing data to create service and maintenance contract offers

4. Proactively Schedule Future Service
Schedule future service and maintenance events with employed or contracted resources improving equipment operability and uptime.