Case Study

Interflora France Chooses A2iA FieldReader To Automate Orders

Source: A2iA Corporation

Last October, Interflora France, the French division of Interflora, the world’s largest flower delivery network, automated the processing of orders for flower deliveries so that they could offer quicker, more reliable service to their customers. A2iA FieldReader™ was chosen as the core recognition engine to process more than 1.4 million forms annually, in two processing centers, Lyon and Paris.


Interflora was receiving millions of faxes with orders in a variety of different formats, many in freeform cursive handwriting, which were slowing down their ability to process orders efficiently.

After receiving huge surges of orders that risked overwhelming their systems, and rising costs to process these orders, Interflora needed to find a solution. As with current A2iA end-users such as the UK Royal Mail during the holiday season, the US Treasury during tax-refund time, and The American Cancer Society during their annual Relay for Life fundraiser, the number of Interflora orders can vary greatly each day. For example, up to 10% of Interflora’s annual orders are generated on Mother’s Day alone.

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