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Integrating Data Capture For Invoices And Other Semi-structured Forms

Source: Accusoft
How One Bio Company Tackled Its Data Visualization Challenge

Recent research conducted by IBM, Gartner and Merrill Lynch has reached the conclusion that roughly 80 percent of data in companies today is semistructured or unstructured.

With the growing reliance on metrics, electronic decision support, fully automated back-office functions, and even tools for leveraging Big Data, this mountain of unstructured data represents an enormous gap in the IT landscape, a vast store of data that cannot be exploited without costly, error-prone manual intervention to capture and order the data for use by automated systems.

Not surprisingly, IT operations are under growing pressure to get a handle on unstructured data. But that effort has been thwarted by a lack of effective and affordable technology, and also by an outmoded business culture. Despite half a century of corporate adoption of computerized business processes, data is still being generated in formats that are difficult to capture accurately.

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